Youth Hawks


Hello, Youth Hawks players! You're in for some exciting news. You've been selected as backups to join our team for the upcoming European Championship in Serbia. Your dedication and commitment have earned you this opportunity to be an integral part of our squad. There are 3 remaining spots on the team that the coaches will need to fill from the reserve of backup players. On this landing page, you'll find the next steps to prepare for the tournament.

Next Steps

Part 1- Passport

If you already have a passport:

If you already have a passport please text a photo of the main photo page to 833-699-1118. Please make sure your birthdate and passport expiration date is visible and clear. Please ensure this is done by 9 am on 5/7/24.

If you do not have a passport:

Although your spot on the team is not final yet, the coaches recommend you begin the passport process to be considered. If you choose to begin the process, kindly text a photo or screenshot of the receipt or confirmation page indicating that you’ve submitted all your information to initiate the process to 833-699-1118. Currently passport wait times on the official government website are:

6 to 8 weeks

2 to 3 weeks

We are currently 10 weeks out from our travel date if you are selected so this is priority.

Part 2- Tournament Deposit

To secure our spot in the tournament, they require a $250 deposit from each player. As a back up, you do not need to submit this payment until you are selected as one of the 20 traveling players.

Part 3- Training Notifications

Lastly, we’ll notify you about the start times and locations of practices by this Saturday, 5/4/24. These notifications will be sent from the phone number 833-699-1118. As a backup it is important to come to practice as the coaches have certain things they want you to work on to be part of the 20 traveling players. The final 3 players will be selected after the first week of practices.

Recap of Parent meeting and basic Info

Watch parent meeting from 4/29/24 here.

Quick review of what was discussed at the parent meeting and what is required of each player to be eligible for international travel to Serbia for the European Championship this July:

  • Will need valid US passport (if you don’t have one you must begin the process this week)
  • Travel dates will be July 10th- July 22nd
  • 20 boys and 10 staff/adults will be traveling
  • Down payment of $250 required, remaining amount will be fundraised
  • Need to fundraise ~$2600 per player
  • Fundraising plans:
    • Sell replica jerseys with their name on the back
    • Luau
    • Crumbl cookies fundraising
    • Krispy Kreme Fundraising
    • Sponsorship flyers
    • Possible grant from US Serbia embassy
    • Team workdays
      • Buckedup
      • Landscaping companies
      • Moving Companies
  • Only good attitudes, disrespect to coaches or other players could result in removal from the team
  • Training, diet, and lifestyle like a USA athlete
  • Team practices 7pm-9pm 2 to 3 times weekly
  • Practices will most likely be at the fields by the Taylorsville rec center.
  • This must take precedence over all other sports until the tournament is over