Heritage Cup

Utah Junior Rugby League is planning a great 2nd year of the Heritage Cup tournament. Last year we had Tonga & Samoa teams. This year we are adding 2 more- Utah & Mexico. Represent your roots!

What does your registration get you?

  • Covers mandatory $45 USARL player registration and basic insurance through USARL
  • Covers mandatory USARL club registration fee of $150 per club
  • Team jerseys
  • Each player gets to keep their game jersey and shorts
  • Each player will get a team tank and training shirt
  • Paid and trained referees
  • The best fields that we are able to book
  • Game photos (general photographer- photos of every player is not guaranteed)
  •  On site nurse or phisio
  • 3 scrimmages and one final Heritage Cup Match per team

Keep in mind

  • Each team is limited to 20 registered players
  • Early registration ends June 14th at 11pm.
  • Cut off for registration will be June 22nd at 11pm.
  • There is a sibling discount of $10 for each additional sibling after the first one is registered. This will be refunded back to you after you pay the full price.

Heritage Cup Registration